hello writing, my old friend

Welcome to my newest experiment: a place for me to share my musings on life, death, human nature, purpose and the biggest mysteries of the universe.  Of course, such an endeavor wouldn’t be complete without pretty pictures of things I like to bake and decorate (and give away at the office, lest I eat them).  And of course, let’s not kid ourselves, there’s going to be pictures of puppies.

Lots and lots of puppies.

Originally, this site sprang out of my desire to practice my HTML and CSS.  Thankfully, when I was picking my sister’s brain about a fun way to do so, she reminded me that I miss writing regularly. Here I am.

So stay awhile, watch this site change and develop as I shake the cobwebs off of both my writing and coding and (hopefully) be mildly entertained by my amateur cupcakes and even more amateur philosophy.

With love,